Pulthera is a US-based biopharmaceutical company that specializes in revolutionary therapeutics designed to protect against the destruction of vital tissue and organs caused by infectious pathogens, including Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (“ARDS”) due to COVID-19.

As the exclusive licensee of these new therapies, it is our mission to leverage the proprietary technology and therapeutics to become a global leader in the pulmonary, respiratory and lung-health field.

Pulthera is seeking a strategic partner to advance the following objectives:

  • Complete the FDA approved Phase II-A clinical trial for ARDS in COVID-19 patients
  • Implement Phase II-III clinical trial for treatment of ARDS in COVID-19 patients
  • Accelerate commercial manufacturing capabilities for allogenic mesenchymal stem cell products
  • Commercialization of ARDS therapeutic in the United States
  • Advance the clinical application of at least one other lung-related medical condition beyond ARDS

Pulthera seeks to leverage its proprietary technology to advance therapeutic solutions for better breathing!

David Grieve


David is the Chairman and CEO of A&C Ventures, Inc. which he founded in 1992, and is also the Chairman and CEO of Diversified Restaurant Group. David has invested in, and developed, commercial real estate for over three decades. He manages a diverse portfolio of nearly 200 properties, comprised of restaurants, retail and multi-family units spanning across 34 states throughout the US. David earned a BA in Business Administration (emphasis in real estate) from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.

David is a board member of Ducks Unlimited Wetlands America Trust and the Taco Bell Foundation. David and his wife, Kathleen, support numerous local and national charities including DRG Cares, The Taco Bell Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Sonoma Valley Hospital, and the Boys and Girls Club.

James Snider

Chief Executive Officer

James spent 35 years in the pharmaceutical industry as a commercial leader for several organizations. The last 12 years of his career were with such notable companies as Novo Nordisk, Bioverativ and Sanofi Genzyme, where he specialized in Hemophilia and other rare and ultra-rare bleeding disorders. James has led 7 product launches in multiple rare therapeutic areas in the US and abroad.

James has founded Rockhill Consulting, LLC where he is President and owner. Rockhill Consulting specializes in helping companies with preparing for and launching rare and ultra-rare products in the US.